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SASKATOON, March 21, 2003 -- Health, productivity and safety are the focus of the national campaign on the importance of quality sleep.  The Working Committee for National Sleep Awareness Week, comprised of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan, Alert @ Work, VitalAire Healthcare, and Sleepers Mattress Factory is spreading the word and raising public awareness regarding the value of quality sleep, sleep problems and disorders.  œIn our busy lives, quality sleep is often neglected and people experience sleep loss.  Over time health problems develop in those with chronic sleep debt, says Fran Hill, Home Respiratory Therapy Coordinator for the Lung Association.

Symptoms of sleep disorders such as insomnia, snoring, restless legs syndrome (RLS) and sleep apnea can result in daytime sleepiness.  Those with sleep disorders may experience drowsiness while driving, reduced productivity and health consequences.  Many sleep problems resulting from shift work can be alleviated with a sleep regimen while other conditions such as sleep apnea require medical intervention.

The first week of April has been proclaimed Sleep Awareness Week by Mayor Jim Maddin of Saskatoon and Mayor Pat Fiacco of Regina.  The Working Committee for National Sleep Awareness Week provides activities to educate residents about the value of sleep, the sleep environment and sleep disorders. Frequent sleep problems affect seven in ten people and 22% experience daytime sleepiness according to a recent sleep poll.

For more information on sleep visit the following websites:

Sleep Apnea www.lung.ca
Shiftwork Alert@Work www.alertatwork.com
VitalAire Healthcare www.vitalaire.ca
National Sleep Foundation www.sleepfoundation.org
Better Sleep Council www.bettersleep.org
Sleepers Mattress Factory www.sleepersmattress.com


The Lung Association

Working Committee for National Sleep Awareness Week

(306) 343-9511  or 1-800-667-5864



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