Saskatchewan public places to become smoke-free

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Saskatchewan public places to become smoke-free

Regina, May 12, 2004 - Partial smoking restrictions can reduce but do not eradicate second hand smoke.  The Government of Saskatchewan has eliminated the biggest indoor source of poor air quality with the introduction of comprehensive legislation to remove tobacco smoke from all public places all indoor public places and private clubs effective January 1, 2005.

The Lung Association of Saskatchewan strongly supports this amendment to the Tobacco Control Act.  We congratulate and thank Health Minister Nilson for this advancement in respiratory health states Dr. Brian Graham, President and CEO.

Scientific studies have shown a variety of health related risks stemming from exposure to burning tobacco.  Removing this exposure may be the biggest step that can be taken to improve public health.

Paul Van Loon, a Health Educator with the Lung Association says, The primary intent of this legislation is to protect people from second hand smoke.  Indicators have consistently shown persons in our province to be supportive of this action.

Many benefits will accrue for both users and non-users.  Smoking patterns reflect the legislative environment.  Fewer opportunities to smoke will also mean fewer cigarettes consumed and more persons thinking about stopping their tobacco use.  Everyone benefits including workers and those already experiencing compromised health.

For more information please contact:

Paul Van Loon, Health Educator, Lung Association of Saskatchewan



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