Discovery Asthma Camp provides an exciting, educational camp experience for children with asthma!

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Discovery Asthma Camp provides an exciting, educational camp experience for children with asthma!

Saskatoon, July 26 “ Hitchcock's Hideaway, nestled on the picturesque banks of Lake Diefenbaker, was home for an enthusiastic group of campers from July 6 “ 10. What is common to these children is that they all suffer from asthma. At Discovery Asthma Camp, a highly trained multi-disciplinary medical team incorporate teaching children proper asthma management while experiencing summer camp activities in a safe and enjoyable environment.



Asthma is the most common chronic disease affecting children and is a reality for 16 “ 21% of school children in Saskatchewan. As thousands of families know, a severe asthma episode can lead to hospitalization, missed work or school days when a child is sick, limitation of activities, emergency room visits, unscheduled urgent doctor's appointments, and in some very sad cases even death. With optimal asthma management these situations can be avoided. At camp children learn the proper use of medication and ways to limit exposure to asthma triggers.


Campers came from all over Saskatchewan: as far north as Pelican Narrows and as far south as Assiniboia , said Camp Director Jan Haffner. For many of these children, this was their first camp experience. At camp, children receive 24-hour medical care, which allays the fears of parents. Many parents who had a child attend camp this year, were pleasantly surprised to learn that their child was able to participate in all camp activities like swimming, volleyball, softball, and ultimate frisbee.


The ACT “ Wilf Churchman Discovery Asthma Camp has been in operation since 1988. Gold sponsors for Asthma Camp include The Lung Association of Saskatchewan and ACT/UCT Clubs & Auxiliaries across Saskatchewan; we are grateful for their continued support. To learn more about Discovery Asthma Camp and to view snapshots of this year and other year's pictures, please visit our website at Also visit The Lung Association website at for further information on asthma, education, and community programs.




Jan Haffner, B.P.T., C.A.E.

Camp Director

Phone: (306) 343-9511, ext. 223

Bernie Bolley, B.Sc.N., R.N., C.A.E.

Medicentre Coordinator

Phone:  (306) 343-9511, ext. 224




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