Heather Crowe is a role model for lung disease patients

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Heather Crowe is a role model for lung disease patients

Ottawa August 18, 2005 “ Just a few days after the release of encouraging statistics on the reduction of smoking rates in Canada, Heather Crowe has been admitted to the Queensway-Carleton Hospital in Ottawa, where she has learned that her lung cancer is no longer in remission.

Heather worked as a waitress for 40 years. She did so in a smoke filled environment in order to support herself and her family. Although she never smoked, Heather is dying of lung cancer caused by second-hand smoke. She has been a tireless advocate for smoke-free workplaces, traveling across the country to meet with government officials, health workers, patients, and community activists in her quest to protect workers from tobacco smoke. She was the driving force behind a Health Canada media campaign to promote smoke-free workplaces and the importance of occupational health and safety.

Heather's story is a testament to the dangers of smoking. Undeterred by illness, she has fought tirelessly to protect others from suffering the hardship and the loss of quality of life that she has faced since her diagnosis three years ago, said Deirdre Freiheit, President & CEO of the Canadian Lung Association.

Heather is a role model for many patients who suffer from lung disease. She understands the importance of advocating and speaking out on issues. She has done this with determination and grace.

Heather has put a face to the often ignored issue of lung cancer. Her work has ensured that many Canadians will be protected from her fate added Ms. Freiheit.

Regrettably, over 11 million Canadians still do not have completely smoke-free workplaces. The Lung Association will continue to support initiatives that will lead to the protection of workers from second-hand smoke. It will also continue its work in educating Canadians about the dangers of tobacco use. It's the absolute least we can do for Heather, stated Freiheit.

The Lung Association is one of the oldest non-profit voluntary health organizations in the nation. It provides advocacy, research, education and programs to promote healthy air, healthy people and healthy lungs. Key areas of focus include: outdoor and indoor air quality, COPD, asthma, smoking prevention and cessation, flu, and lung disease management. For more information please call us at: 1-888-566-5864 or visit us at our website at http://www.lung.ca

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