Heather Crowe

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Heather Crowe

April 23, 1945 - May 22, 2006 - The Lung Association recognizes the passing of Heather Crowe, on Monday May 22, 2006.  Ms Crowe died at age 61 of lung cancer.  Heather never smoked a day in her life, but spent 40 years working as a waitress in smoke-filled environments.

Four years ago when she received her diagnosis and could no longer work, she applied for Worker's Compensation only to be told that her lung cancer, due to second-hand smoke, was not recognized as a work-related injury and therefore, was not covered.

Heather didn't give up.  She went looking for support, and found it in the Non-Smokers Rights Association.  Suddenly, the shy, soft-spoken woman was forced into a very public battle, all the while struggling through cancer treatment.  Her case set a precedent in that Worker's Compensation was forced to acknowledge that exposure to second- hand smoke was indeed a work-related injury. Heather received compensation.

Heather continued as an advocate for safe and healthy workplaces right up until the time of her death. Why?  As she stated, "It's too late for me, but it's the next generation I've been doing this for.  I want to be the last worker to die from second-hand smoke."

Dawn Hachey, the former Acting Director General of Health Canada s tobacco control program recently stated "Heather has made a connection with the people that made a real difference. To me, she was not just a wonderful person - but really a hero."

The Lung Association would like to offer our sincere sympathy to Heather's daughter, Patricia, her granddaughter, Jodi-Ann, and all her family and friends.


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