"He shoots, he scores!"

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"He shoots, he scores!"

Regina, February 28, 2008--When we hear that phrase we immediately know that the topic is hockey, Canada's favorite sport. Whether a group of children are gathering for a game of shinny on a backyard pond on a crisp winter day or fans at a stadium to watch a professional team, they are ready to enjoy an activity that has deep roots in Saskatchewan.

What does hockey have to do with The Lung Association? The Canadian Hockey
League has teamed up with The Lung Association to promote lung health in communities across Saskatchewan and the rest of our great nation. We are very pleased that the Regina Pats are hosting a Lung Night to raise asthma awareness at their February 29 home game when they play the Chilliwack Bruins, says Brian Graham, President and CEO of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects 16 “ 21% of our children and 8.3% of the adult population in Saskatchewan. It is not uncommon to see asthma puffers on the bench at a hockey rink. The Lung Association's message to the young and the young at heart is that you can control asthma and participate fully in sports, even at the CHL level, adds Dr. Graham.

˜Lung Night' is an excellent opportunity for our fans to learn more about diseases of the lungs and to participate in a couple of fundraisers that benefit The Lung Association, says the Director of Marketing & Corporate Sales, Cliff Mapes. At Friday's game you will find The Lung Association's information display in our stadium foyer and their volunteers will be available to distribute informational materials before the game and during intermissions. Fans can win two great prizes that will be autographed by the team: a Regina Pats 90th anniversary jersey, as well as a limited edition Holiday Ice lithograph print depicting the Regina Pats logo, created by Ontario artist Shirley Deaville.
The Lung Association is Canada's oldest health charity, with a 107 year history of helping families fight lung disease. In Saskatchewan one out of every three people will be affected by a lung disease during their lifetime.

Today you will see The Lung Association fund medical research into the causes and cures of lung diseases and conduct programs on asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), tobacco and sleep apnea in your community. The Lung Association also provides training for health professionals, delivers health education in schools, facilitates patient support groups, and lobbies for clean air. The Lung Association is the premier source for respiratory health initiatives in the province and we are available during regular office hours should you require assistance or information regarding lung health.

Please support The Lung Association and score the goal of better breathing for the residents of Saskatchewan. To learn more about The Lung Association, to make a donation or to purchase a limited edition of Holiday Ice print, please visit our web site at www.sk.lung.ca or by call 1-888-566-LUNG (5864).

For more information contact:

Sharon Kremeniuk
Vice President Development
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