2005 AGM Awards

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2005 Award of Life Membership

April 6, 2005

- Dr. Vernon H. Hoeppner -

Hoeppner - Life Membership

The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is pleased to present its 2005 award of life membership to Dr. Vernon H. Hoeppner.

Dr. Hoeppner came to Saskatchewan in 1977 after completing training as a respirologist. He joined the Division of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan where he provided service to people with lung disease, taught respiratory medicine to medical students and residents, and conducted research on lung health.

In 1986, Dr. Hoeppner became the Director of TB Control for the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League and continued in that role when the tuberculosis program was transferred to Saskatchewan Health in 1987.

Dr. Hoeppner transformed TB control in Saskatchewan, introducing mobile clinics to remote northern areas of the province where TB rates of epidemic proportions were found. He also implemented the DOTS program (Directly Observed Therapy Short-course) to improve the cure rates and reduce the incidence of drug-resistant cases of TB.

Dr. Hoeppner is a tireless advocate for TB Control and for people with tuberculosis. He has managed to build and maintain a first-class TB control program in Saskatchewan, despite pressures to reduce provincial and federal budget allocations in this area.

At the same time, Dr. Hoeppner conducted research on tuberculosis, publishing many papers on the subject.  He is also a prominent contributor to the Canadian Tuberculosis Guidelines.  Dr. Hoeppner is currently serving a three-year term as the chair of the Canadian Tuberculosis Committee.

In recognition of almost 30 years of outstanding, meritorious service in the promotion of lung health, the Lung Association of Saskatchewan is very pleased to confer Life Membership on Dr. Vernon H Hoeppner.


Awards of Merit

- Jason Matity & CTV-

Matity - Award of Merit

We would like to present Jason Matity, Reporter for CKCK-CTV with the Award of Merit for his outstanding efforts in researching, developing, producing and marketing the special report entitled ‘Dying For A Good Nights Sleep’ on the topic of sleep apnea, launched nationally and provincially March 2005.  Sleep Apnea is an under-diagnosed lung disease in Saskatchewan, with an estimated 36,000 undiagnosed individuals.  As a result of Jason’s excellent presentation, many of our residents have a greater understanding of this medical condition.  During National Sleep Awareness Week, March 27 to April 2, our staff frequently heard the comment, “We’ve been hearing a lot about that on television lately.”

Today we are honouring Jason for his excellence in journalism but we would be remiss if we didn’t express our thanks to the CTV family for the ongoing support that is provided to The Lung Association in advancing lung health in the province.  CTV’s investment in communities across our great province is exemplary and recognized by our Association.

Jason, CTV provided the opportunity for you to create, ‘Dying For A Good Nights Sleep’ but your professionalism, energy, enthusiasm and creativity in developing your topic is evident in your remarkable special report.  Thank you for directing your talents towards educating our population regarding sleep apnea.  ‘Dying For A Good Nights Sleep can also be viewed on our web site, courtesy of CTV. 


- Dr. G. Sridhar -

Sridhar - Award of Merit

Dr. Sridhar is a lung specialist who came to Saskatoon in 1990 from Chennai, India (or Madras as it was known then) via Edinburgh, Scotland. He completed his training in Respiratory Medicine here in Saskatchewan and we were very fortunate to keep him in the province.

The Lung Association had been working for some time to expand its professorship program to Regina.  This finally came to fruition in November of 1993 when Dr. Sridhar became available and expressed his strong interest in working in Regina. A partnership was formed first with the Regina GeneralHospital which has continued with the current Regina Qu’Appelle Health Authority.

The professorship turned out to be an excellent investment in Respiratory Health as Dr. Sridhar introduced many initiatives in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan.

Dr. Sridhar ’s leadership led to the establishment of an endoscopy suite, a home ventilator program, a unified pulmonary function lab, an asthma clinic and other programs and facilities in Regina.

The professorship permitted Dr. Sridhar to take sleep apnea training in Minneapolis and, upon his return, he established a Sleep Disorders Centre in Regina and he continues to be the director.

He is also working to establish a research program in partnership with the University of Regina.

At same time as he worked on these new developments, Dr. Sridhar headed the tuberculosis clinic in Regina and continued to see lung patients.  He is also active in the Saskatchewan Thoracic Society, serving a term as president, and served on the Lung Association Medical Advisory Committee.

Dr. Sridhar has always been a strong advocate for people with lung disease and has always given generously of his time and talents to participate in Lung Association patient education seminars and other events.

Other recipients (not present) were:

- Donna Bleakney -       - Al Hattie -


Certificates of Appreciation

- Jeanne Antosh, CJTR Radio -

Antosh - Cert of Appreciation

Jeanne has conducted many interviews with Sharon Kremeniuk, who works in the Lung Association office in Regina, on various fundraising events.  Most importantly, Jeanne conducted an interview with Jan Haffner on the many activities of the Lung Association related to asthma.


- David Hengen -

Hengen - Cert of Appreciation

David contributed an original piece of art entitled “TwinTowers ”, to our annual breath of spring tulip campaign.  As well, David has helped deliver tulips.


- Val Moker-

Moker - Cert of Appreciation

Val donated the limited edition piece of art, “Countries Coming Together”, on display today to the Lung Association’s Artwork for Lung Health draw.


- Marjorie Moore, Prairie Artists Guild -

PAG - Cert of Appreciation

Marjorie is the President of the Prairie Artists Guild.  The Guild supplies a piece of art annually for the breath of spring tulip campaign.  They also organize the annual mother’s day “paint a pot” fundraiser and provide volunteers for the tulip campaign.


- Margot Almas, SaskEnergy -

SaskEnergy- Cert of Appreciation

SaskEnegy and Network Members are sponsors for the Share the Air Raffle.  They not only contribute prizes for the raffle, but they also include a raffle brochure in their April billings, which is a cost savings to the Lung Association of approximately $30,000.


- Brian Zawacki -

Zawacki - Cert of Appreciation

Brian has been a volunteer for the Lung Association’s breath of spring tulip campaign for 7 years.  He works at CTV Regina and is a valuable media resource to the Lung Association.

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