Smoking ban 'cutting-edge'

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Smoking ban 'cutting-edge'

Rod Nickel

The StarPhoenix

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The smoke has cleared and Saskatoon is poised to adopt one of the strictest smoking bylaws in Canada, pleasing leading representatives of both the hospitality and health sectors.

City council rejected all suggestions of weakening the bylaw, opting instead after midnight Tuesday morning to expand it, adding outdoor restaurant and bar patios and private clubs to its scope. Tweaking the bylaw's language to adopt licensed premises will also expand the bylaw's range to include restaurants and bars with special-use permits in the Saskatoon airport, military messes, Marquis Downs, hockey rinks and Prairieland Exhibition.

"It's state of the art," said David Sweanor, legal counsel for the Ottawa-based Non-Smokers Rights Association of the bylaw. "(Saskatoon) would be cutting-edge on issues of protection in places like bars and restaurants."

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