The Lung Association calls on Saskatchewan residents and Canadians coast-to-coast to email Steve Paikin, get lung health on the agenda

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The Lung Association calls on Saskatchewan residents and Canadians coast-to-coast to email Steve Paikin, get lung health on the agenda

Saskatoon, September 23 “ The Lung Association today called on Canadians from coast-to-coast and the residents of Saskatchewan to help get lung health on the agenda at the 2008 Leaders' Debate slated for Thursday, October 2, 2008.

Residents are asked to email TVO's Steve Paikin - the moderator of the debate “ at and request that he ask the five major political party leaders:

œIf elected, will you support funding for Canada's first national action plan on lung health “ the National Lung Health Framework?

Incidence of lung disease continues to rise in Canada “ it is a leading cause of hospitalization and emergency room visits. Moreover, one Canadian dies every 20 minutes from lung disease. In Saskatchewan, one out of every three of our residents will
be affected by lung disease during their lifetime. œThe human and economic costs of respiratory illness are unacceptable in an age where modern technology, innovation and best-practices should be guiding how we combat the impacts of lung disease, says Brian Graham, President & CEO of The Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

Yet, up until now there has never been a coordinated plan to deal with this leading health issue.

The National Lung Health Framework is an ambitious project that aims to improve the respiratory health of all people living in Canada through collaborative and equitable patient care, policy, programming, research and leadership. It is a plan that brings
together a range of approaches and strategies as the backbone to its success.

œOnce the National Lung Health Framework is fully implemented, Canadians will see lower instances of lung disease, reduced wait times, better coordination of resources, as well as improved prevention, screening, detection and management of all forms of respiratory illness, Dr. Graham adds.

Please email Steve Paikin at: and get lung health on the agenda!

The Lung Association, Saskatchewan's oldest and most respected health charity, is the premier source for science-based information, re-search, education, support programs and advocacy on lung heath issues. To learn more about our association or the National Lung Health Framework, please visit

For more information, please contact:
Brian Graham, President & CEO
(Saskatoon) 343-9640, ext. 222
or 1-888-566-LUNG

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