It's Time for a Breath of Spring Regina!

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It's Time for a Breath of Spring Regina!

Regina, Jan 7 -- It's that time of year once again. The Lung Association of Saskatchewan would like to bring you a Breath of Spring by delivering fresh tulips to your door.

Did you know that in 1637, a Dutch farmer entered into negotiations with a flower seller for a specific variety of tulip bulb? The purchase price that the farmer apparently deemed reasonable included two loads of wheat and four of rye, four fat oxen, eight pigs, a dozen sheep, two oxheads of wine, four tons of butter, a thousand pounds of cheese, a bed, some clothing and a silver beaker “ all for a single tulip bulb of the Viceroy variety!

Let us brighten your office or home for only $7.00 per bunch (5 tulips per bunch). The flowers will be delivered on February 17th or 18th. Please note that all orders must be received by February 6th.

Collect orders in your office and you will be entered in the provincial draw to win two WestJet tickets courtesy of Marlin Travel and WestJet. Additionally, your office will receive one entry in the draw to win an original watercolour donated by Christine Bristol of the Prairie Artists Guild for every ten bunches of tulips ordered.

Proceeds from this project support our important programs, services, and research in the areas of asthma, COPD (that includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis), lung cancer, sleep apnea, pneumonia, and other diseases of the lungs. One in three people in Saskatchewan will suffer from some type of lung disease in their lifetime. Help someone you know to breathe a little easier!

For more information or to receive an order form, please call 1-888-651-3347. You can also order on-line by visiting

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