2011 Fine Foods Community Youth Challenge Featuring Saskatchewan RoughRiders

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The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is thrilled to announce its partnership with Triple 4 Advertising Ltd. to support the 2011 Fine Foods Community Youth Challenge (CYC) featuring three Saskatchewan Roughriders!

"A Healthy Body, A Tobacco-Free Life!"

Saskatoon, March 30, 2011 - The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is thrilled to announce its partnership with Triple 4 Advertising Ltd. to support the 2011 Fine Foods Community Youth Challenge! The theme of the challenge this year is “A Healthy Body, A Tobacco-Free Life.” From February to May, Neal Hughes, Shomari Williams and Dan Clark from the Saskatchewan Roughriders are visiting approximately 70 schools in Saskatchewan to educate and inspire youth to get into the game and not be sidelined by unhealthy choices!

On Friday, April 1, 2011 we invite all media outlets to attend a presentation at Brownell School in Saskatoon at 274 Russell Road from 1:45pm – 2:30pm. Shomari Williams will be available for an interview after the presentation as well as the Vice-President of Health Education of The Lung Association, Jennifer Miller and a female youth from Brownell School, Brooke Kleiboer, age 13. Neal Hughes, the CYC Roughrider Coordinator, will also be available via phone from Regina for a statement.

Neal Hughes states “More and more young people are becoming educated on the severe diseases and problems that tobacco products can cause. We are giving youth the education and hard facts about the negative effects of tobacco, and hopefully they can make the choice to say no.”

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in Canada. Smoking kills 720 people annually in Saskatchewan from lung diseases alone. “Smoking is an addiction. It’s not a lifestyle choice, behaviour or habit,” says Jennifer Miller, Vice-President of Health Education at the Lung Association of Saskatchewan. The Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey 2009 annual results state that in Saskatchewan, the smoking rates for ages 15-24 are at 23%, compared to the Canadian average of 18%. “Our high rates make Saskatchewan tied for second place for tobacco use. We do not want such accolades! We want Saskatchewan youth to make healthy decisions about their bodies, and who better to communicate our message than a member of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Team!” says Miller.

Each school that participates in the youth challenge will be awarded 150 youth vouchers to a 2011 Saskatchewan Roughrider game. In order to receive these vouchers, students must actively take part in the challenge by completing the 2011 CYC Action Plan! As well, schools can also take on the “School Tobacco-Free Life Activity Challenge” to win an autograph session with a Roughrider for their school on May 25. For more details, go to www.sk.lung.ca and follow the CYC link! For a schedule of Roughrider community/school visits, go to www.riderville.com.

About The Lung Association

Established in 1911, The Lung Association is Saskatchewan’s oldest health charity. Just like the Saskatchewan Roughriders, we are 100 years old! You have come to know and trust The Lung Association as the premier source for lung health in our province. All of our quality educational materials, programs, services and treatment guidelines are based on current evidence-based research. You will find The Lung Association active in communities across Saskatchewan conducting lung disease prevention and management programs that include asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, lung cancer and smoking cessation. The Lung Association also provides training for health care professionals, delivers health education in schools, facilitates patient support groups, and lobbies for clean air.

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For more information, please contact:

Neal Hughes
Saskatchewan Roughrider CYC Coordinator
(306) 537-5775

Jennifer Miller
Vice-President of Health Education
Lung Association of Saskatchewan
(306) 343-9511

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