World Asthma Day Video: Finding an Asthma Educator

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World Asthma Day Video: Finding an Asthma Educator

May 4, 2011, Saskatoon - “The more you know about your asthma, the more you can keep it under control. Work with your health care team to get your asthma under control. Learn what triggers your asthma, how to use your asthma medication properly and ask for an asthma action plan,” says Jan Haffner, a certified respiratory educator (CRE) and Vice President of Health Initiatives for the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

”It’s upsetting that so many people are needlessly suffering from asthma attacks. Good asthma management can prevent attacks and keep the asthma under control and using a written, detailed asthma action plan is a big part of that.”

Certified respiratory educators are part of the health team that can work with you to develop an asthma action plan. Watch the video explaining how to find a certified respiratory educator near you.

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