Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Awards

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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Awards

Saskatoon, September 25 - At a recent luncheon ceremony held in Regina, Mrs. Marilyn Reddy, past Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Lung Association of Saskatchewan, presented commemorative Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals to Dr. Brian Graham, President and CEO of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan and Mr. Jim Burnett, a long time Board Member of the Association. "These two individuals repeatedly demonstrate outstanding achievement and distinguished service to the citizens of Saskatchewan and Canada," says Mrs. Reddy.

Brian Graham, Jim Burnett
Brian Graham, Jim Burnett

For over 25 years with the Lung Association, Brian Graham has dedicated his life's work to improving lung health in Canada. He has repeatedly demonstrated extraordinary leadership provincially, nationally and internationally in his work, most notably in the areas of pulmonary function and tuberculosis. "There is no employee in the history of the Lung Association, provincially or nationally, with the corporate history, depth of knowledge regarding the activities of the Lung Association, nor the commitment to lung health as Dr. Graham," adds Reddy.

Dr. Graham's accomplishments are numerous and we will name only a few here. Brian Graham is well-published and the author of many papers and technical reports. He is a sought after guest lecturer, conference presenter and expert committee member participant. He has been involved in many research projects and has worked on several committees within the health field and the community. Dr. Graham has achieved international acclaim. He was the Director of an international development project on tuberculosis in Ecuador with an operating budget of $5 million. Most recently he accepted an invitation to the Belarus-Ukraine-Poland Asthma Study in Krakow, Poland to make a presentation on spirometry. Brian was instrumental in the development of this training in Canada and his work is clearly being recognized abroad.

Brian Graham is a devoted husband and father with three grown children and grandchildren. "It is in large measure due to the support that I receive from my family, Lung Association Board Members both provincially and nationally and my colleagues at the Department of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan that has allowed me to work in the area of lung health for the citizens of our great nation. I am deeply humbled to receive this award," says Dr. Graham.

Mr. Jim Burnett has held numerous volunteer positions for both the Canadian Lung Association and the Lung Association of Saskatchewan for over 31 years. Jim Burnett has served as a Board Chair at the provincial and national levels. Currently he is the Board Chair of the Lung Foundation of Saskatchewan.

"While my scope of community service extends beyond the Lung Association, I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Lung Association and I am honoured to contribute to this dynamic organization," states Mr. Burnett. Jim has also held board and executive positions with other organizations such as the Scouting movement, Wesley United Church, the United Appeal, Y.M.C.A., C.N.I.B., Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, University Scholarships of Canada and the senates of both the Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina. He has received many prestigious awards for his outstanding service to his community.

Mr. Burnett has given unstintingly of his time and talents during his tenure with the Lung Association. His comprehensive knowledge of administrative and finance practices has raised the standard of excellence at the Lung Association to new levels. His leadership style has helped staff and volunteers to work effectively and cooperatively to set and meet the goals and objectives of the Lung Association. Leading by example, he has fostered a pervasive attitude of integrity and good will.

About The Lung Association

Established in 1911, The Lung Association is Saskatchewan's oldest and most respected health charity. We are the leading organization for science-based information, research, education, support programs, and advocacy on lung health issues in Saskatchewan.


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