Christmas Seals – A Tradition of Hope For The Residents of Saskatchewan!

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For over 100 years, Christmas Seals have helped Canadians breathe easier.

Saskatoon, November 17-- What began as a simple fundraiser in 1908 to stamp out the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic that swept across Canada continues to be a prominent source of revenue for Lung Associations across our great nation. For over 100 years Canadians have made a difference in the lives of people with lung disease by supporting our annual Christmas Seals Campaign. 

Ozzie Harms is our 2015 Christmas Seals Ambassador.  Ozzie was born with a neurological disorder that makes it hard for him to do things like cough, swallow, and clear his throat.  Something most kids do without thinking. That's why he's at high risk for inhaling fluid into his lungs.  Common colds land him in the hospital at least half a dozen times a year with pneumonia caused by aspiration. 

Ozzie also has asthma, a chronic lung disease that makes it difficult for him to breathe.  "One of the biggest breakthroughs in managing Ozzie's asthma was getting him on asthma medication and that means fewer trips to the emergency room," says his mom, Laura Harms.  "I am so grateful to the Certified Respiratory Educators (CRE) at The Lung Association for helping me to better manage Ozzie's condition with education and support.  They showed me how to correctly deliver his asthma medications.  We'd been doing it the wrong way!"

"There are 100,000 Saskatchewan residents living with asthma, including 35,000 children," states Jaimie Peters, RN and Certified Respiratory Educator at The Lung Association.  Education is critical to help people identify what triggers their asthma and how to avoid or limit the exposure to those triggers; understand what, how and when to take the medications prescribed by the doctor; and how to prevent and manage worsening asthma.

"The Lung Association developed training videos to demonstrate how to use inhalers/puffers effectively.  Approximately 59% of the time inhalers are used improperly and that means that the medications are not effective," adds Peters. 

When you make a donation to our annual Christmas Seals campaign and apply these decorative stickers or 'seals' to your cards and parcels this holiday season, you are giving health and hope to residents like Ozzie and his family.  Please join The Lung Association's fight for healthy lungs and clean air in Saskatchewan with your charitable tax donation.

About The Lung Association

Established in 1911, The Lung Association is Saskatchewan's oldest and most respected health charity. We are the leading organization for science-based information, research, education, support programs, and advocacy on lung health issues in Saskatchewan.

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For more information contact:

Jaimie Peters, BSN, RN, CRE
Health Promotions
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Operations Associate
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