The Lung Association applauds the Government of Saskatchewan for their recent efforts in improving organ and tissue donation rates in our province.

Saskatoon, SK - The Lung Association, Saskatchewan applauds The Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Health Authority for launching a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation.  Three donor physicians have also signed contracts to share a half-time position, which is responsible for providing leadership and education as part of a new model for Saskatchewan’s organ and tissue donation system.

In September of 2016, The Lung Association, Saskatchewan, Dr. Mark Fenton, and double lung transplant recipients Nicole Nelson and Charlotte L’Oste-Brown, presented to the legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Human Services.  Together they provided eight recommendations as to how the Government of Saskatchewan can increase the rate of organ donations and improve the effectiveness of the donor program. Two of the recommendations included allocating funds towards:

  • a robust organ and tissue donation awareness and educational campaign
  • a medical donation specialist to train and empower health care providers to do their part in identifying and referring potential donors. 

We are thrilled that the government’s recent changes align with the recommendations we previously put forward. The Lung Association thanks the provincial government for taking these steps to increase organ donation rates in Saskatchewan.

Lung disease affects 1 in 5 Canadians.  For the people in our province suffering from severe lung disease, having a lung transplant may be their last and only option to survive. The Lung Association will continue to advocate to improve lung health in our province and fund essential support programs for people living with lung disease.

Charlotte L’Oste Brown, Karen Webb, Kevyn Gadd, Nicole Nelson, Moe Martin
Double Lung Transplant Recipients

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Page Last Updated: 27/04/2018