Board of Directors

Lung Association Board of Directors - 2017

(L–R) P.Smith, J.Froh, D.Crooks, P.Dodson, S.Cron, V.Hoeppner, K.Davis, J.Marbach, J.Daschuk, K.Theede, C.Harper.
Absent: P.Ennis, R.Skomro.

2017 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Chair - Ms. Karen Davis
  • Past Chair - Ms. Pat Smith
  • Vice Chair - Ms. Donna Crooks
  • Treasurer - Ms. Kathryn Theede


  • Ms. Donna Crooks, Regina
  • Dr. James Daschuk, Regina
  • Ms. Karen Davis, Saskatoon
  • Mr. Peter Dodson, Saskatoon
  • Mr. Patrick Ennis, Saskatoon
  • Mr. James Froh, Regina
  • Ms. Corrin Harper, Saskatoon
  • Dr. Vern Hoeppner, Saskatoon
  • Ms. Joyce Marbach, Regina
  • Dr. Rob Skomro, Saskatoon
  • Ms. Pat Smith, Regina
  • Ms. Kathryn Theede, Saskatoon

Elected April 21, 2017.

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