Sacred Breath by Leah Marie Dorion

Sacred Breath by Leah Marie Dorion

Size: W 16" by H 20"
Medium: Acrylic, Beads, on Canvas

The sacred breath of life is a gift which must be appreciated every day. When new born babies are little they deeply breathe in this life giving gift to help them become grounded, calm, and centred.

Breath is considered a form of medicine and these Sacred Twins in this painting are healing their lungs with traditional medicines. I chose the twins to represent the left and right lungs. Sacred Breath is a unifying act of humanity as we all need access to healthy clean air to sustain life now and for the future generations. The wind and air are one of many natural forces that lovingly help to turn the circle of life. As such the ancient First Nations symbol of the medicine wheel is placed above the twins.

Without the breath of life our circle stop turning. Air may be unseen therefore we need to consciously not take this medicine for granted. We all have a responsibility to the air in order to ensure everyone from the four directions of the world has equal and free access to the sacred breath of life.

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