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"Winter Rose Hips #2" - Cindy Barratt

Winter Rose Hips #2 is part of a series of work recently completed featuring the iconic Alberta Rose that so aptly reflects Alberta and its people. The series explores the wild prickly rose in various stages, seasons or habitats. This piece features the Alberta Rose in winter. Value $350

Winter Rose Hips #2
Special Early Bird prize

"Barn Swallow & Horse Collar" - Robert Bateman

When I saw this old horse collar hanging in an abandoned barn, it conjured up all the richness of past eras. All of those little straps and buckles would be common knowledge to the men and boys who hitched up “Old Nellie” to whatever she had to pull. They are meaningless to most of us today. The collar was probably hung on the peg with a view to repairing it someday. That day never came. The barn swallow, however, is still as active in this new world as it was in the old, flitting by the collar that his ancestor would have seen in use. Value $640

Barn Swallow & Horse Collar

"Through the Pines" - Dan Reid

Through the Pines is a limited edition giclee print on canvas that depicts a steam train on a cold winter morning. Value $220

Through the Pines

"Seasons - Saskatoon Study #5" - Elaine Funnell


Saskatoon bushes depict the changing seasons on the Canadian prairie. In spring, branches are covered in clusters of white flowers; fall brings the lovely dark purple berries ready for picking and making yummy pies, muffins, syrups, jellies and pancakes. Value $550

Seasons - Saskatoon Study #5

"August - A Time for Harvest" - Yvette Moore

One of my fondest memories from growing up on a farm is the ritual of testing whether the wheat was ready for harvest. Here my Dad is instructing my youngest daughter in the time honoured tradition. Value $325

August - A Time for Harvest

"Snow Flake" - Kathleen Noelle Black

Snow Flake is a patte de verre vessel. Pate de verre is a form of kiln casting and literally means crushed glass. Finely crushed glass is mixed with a binding material and colours, placed in a mould and fired to create a fused negative of the mould. Value $550

Snow Flake

"The Heart of the Prairies" - Naomi Gerrard

The Heart of the Prairies is a giclee print on canvas of an original mixed media piece done using 9 different grains and collaged on canvas creating a prairie dance forming the shape of a heart. Value $400

The Heart of the Prairies

"Cherrywood & Juncos" - Robert Bateman

One of the most common birds of the northern coniferous forests is the dark-eyed junco, which incidentally, used to be called the slate coloured junco. It is, however, seldom noticed in its home territory. Most people are familiar with this little grey bird when it appears in a flock in the southern part of its range during winter. Juncos come down to the snow-covered farmland to feed on the seeds from the crops and the weeds in roadsides and fields. They are one of the most common birds at feeding stations. Value $700

Cherrywood & Juncos

"Golden Eagle Portrait" - Robert Bateman

The golden eagle is one of the most widespread birds of prey. It is found from Alaska to Nova Scotia and down into Mexico; and in the Old World, it is found from Scotland to eastern Siberia and as far south as Morocco and Korea. Value $640

Golden Eagle Portrait

"The California Complex" - Robert Lowdon

California is a land ripe with controversy. From beautiful natural wonders to densely populated areas, sparse deserts to expansive forests, and not to mention water shortages thrown in for good measure, the population is in a constant state of conflict with the natural environment. The Coachella Valley lies below in a nighttime view from Joshua Tree National Park. The popular resort escape of Los Angles, Palm Springs, can be seen in the distance. Value $2,185

The California Complex

"Life's Work - Day's Pay" - Val Moker

Life’s Work – Day’s Pay deals with the hustle and bustle of the market located in downtown Regina, SK on Scarth Street. We live in a multicultural society and interact with diverse cultures every day. The Hutterite are hard-working, industrious people and here the women are selling their bounty at the farmers market. The Hutterite women depicted in Life’s Work – Day’s Pay come from rural Saskatchewan and are known for their excellent produce. Value $335

Life's Work - Day's Pay

"King of the Castle" - Jason Bantle

These two cubs seemed to be playing a game of 'king of the castle' as they enjoyed mom’s security and patience. Value $310

King of the Castle
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