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Giving the gift of breath

Giving someone a second breath

A lung transplant is when a diseased or damaged lung is removed and replaced with a healthy lung that is donated from another body.  One (single) lung or both (bilateral) lungs can be replaced depending on the condition of the person.

The first single lung transplant procedure in Canada was performed in 1983, followed by the first bilateral lung transplant in 1986. The outcomes for those with lung transplants have improved over the years and the number of lung transplants have almost doubled in the last decade in Canada.

For people with certain lung diseases a lung transplant may be a last option for survival.  Lung transplants are not an option for everyone with severe lung disease, but it may be a treatment option for some.  It is important for those with severe lung disease to work with their doctor to see if a lung transplant is an option for them.

If a person qualifies for a lung transplant, they are put on a waitlist for organ donation. The wait can be long and the surgery is risky. People who receive transplants must take several anti-rejection medications (immune-suppressants) for the rest of their lives which may cause other health complications.

All Saskatchewan patients receiving a lung transplant have their surgery at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Lung Association of Saskatchewan offers support to Saskatchewan transplant recipients by covering the costs of some of the important medical equipment needed for lung transplant patients. 

  1. Blood pressure monitor and adapter
  2. Weigh scale
  3. Digital thermometer
  4. Online support group

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Help make a donation today and give someone a second breath. With your generous support we can increase this funding and provide more extensive support to lung transplant patients and their loved ones. 

Other sources of lung transplant funding/support includes:

Organ and Tissue Donor StickerMake the decision to be an organ donor today!

Organ donation gives someone in need the chance for a second chance at life. The Saskatchewan Transplant program facilitates organ and tissue donation and transplantation for Saskatchewan residents.

In Saskatchewan, organs and tissue will not be donated without your family or next-of-kin’s consent, even if the organ and tissue donor sticker is on your health card.  Please talk to your family and loved ones today about organ donation.


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