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All tobacco products put people at risk for many diseases. Tobacco products and anything that is burned that forms smoke has chemicals that are harmful to your health. No matter what form of tobacco product you use, quitting is the best thing you can do for your health.

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Gov SK Tobacco ReportCard Nov20.pdf

Tobacco Control Progress Report Card

Analyzing the Saskatchewan Government's Performance. Year: 2009-2015. To the Citizens of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan’s three largest health charities recently retained a consultant from out-of-province to grade the Saskatchewan government on its progress on 10 evidence-based tobacco control recommendations. These recommendations were made by the health organizations in 2009 and 2014. Using an A-F grading system (see back of card) the independent analysis shows that the province has acted on relatively few of the recommendations.

Of the recommendations the Saskatchewan government has addressed, it has only done so partially. Based on the following 10 tobacco control measures, the Saskatchewan government received an average grade of D+.
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Gov SK Tobacco Report Dec3.pdf

Tobacco Control Progress Full Report

Analyzing the Saskatchewan Government's Performance. Year: 2009-2015.

A review of best practices, research and policy has been used to evaluate Saskatchewan’s progress in tobacco control since 2009 when a group of health organizations issued 8 Prescriptions for Health: Reducing tobacco’s
deadly impact in Saskatchewan
. Subsequently in 2014, health organizations issued Reducing Tobacco Use in Saskatchewan: A briefing note for the Minister of Health. Both of these documents made a number of tobacco control recommendations.

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